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: Golf equipment management during rainy season.

Those considering opening a screen golf facility wants to know the different types of screen golf equipment and their cost. Then how much does a domestic simulator cost? On company webpage, the characteristics and specifics of the products are shown. However, their prices are not. While most of them are sold at fixed price, there are also special editions and discount opportunities depending on the bulk of purchase. Most companies have a set price for their golf simulators, but they provide discounts when customer decides to purchase mass amount. A standard screen golf simulators consists of computer, projector, sensor reading ball movement, and swing plate. Swing plate is an equipment creating a inclined plane when the hit ball falls on a slope surface. Golf simulator is an equipment enabling right handed golfers to play golf. For left handed golfers, left hitting mat should be added. Swing plate and left swing plate is optional. As most screen golf facilities have swing plates, swing plates should be added to the standard version to establish a screen golf system. That way you can calculate the realistic cost for a single screen golf equipment. A research shows that the price range for 1 screen golf equipment is between KRW 25 million to 60 million.

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